NORTH Central: Linn, Clyde, Abilene X2

WEST CENTRAL: Salina, State Fair, Hoisington

EAST: Lakeside, Burlington, Mound City

WEST-Colby, Goodland,  Oakley


2023 CDDA Bonestock Point Series Rules and Information

​​​​​​​2022 CDDA Bonestock Championship Points Final Results


1. Trystan Ryburn-70 (West Regional Champion)

2. Camden Meeks-60 (North and Central Regional Champion)

3. Devin Alvarez-54.5

South Regional Champion

Gage Pickering

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The Points Championship will consist of four regions. The Points Championship will be held at Crashtoberfest in Salina, KS at Salina Speedway on October 14th, 2023. The following guidelines will determine the Regional Champs and the Overall Champs, with bonus money for both.

1.You will only be able to use 2 shows for your points total, to go to the championship. You will be able to run as many as you would like.

2. You may compete in more than one region but region points will not overlap. Both of your shows will be from the same region or regions that you are trying to win.

3 . To become a Regional Champ or Overall State Champion, you will use your 2 regional shows plus the Championship Show to determine the Overall Champion and Regional Champs. You will have 3 total shows of points and one must be the Championship Show.

4. Regional points:
1st 20
2nd 19
3rd 18.5
4th 18
5th 17.5
7th 16.5
8th 16
10th 15
11th through last 10 points

5. There are bonus points for Mad Dog. Each Mad Dog at all regionals will receive 5 bonus points.

6. The Championship Show will be double points.
1st 40 points
2nd 38 points
3rd 37 points
4th 36 points
5th 35 points
6th 34 points
7th 33 points
8th 32 points
9th 31 points
10th 30 points
11th 29 points
12th 28 points
13th 27 points
14th 26 points
15th 25 points
16th through 20th 20points
21 through last 10points
10 Bonus points for Mad Dogs.

Anyone can enter 80s and newer Bonestocks at Crashtoberfest only those qualifying are eligible for bonus money. Crashtoberfest Heat will be King of the Ring Style.

​​​​​​​​​2023 CDDA Bonestock Championship Points Standings


Russ Moellering 44
Jaron Smades 44
Liberty Booker 39

Brayden Schlitz 35
Trystan Ryburn 32.5
Tyson Ryburn 32.5


Cade Jennings 39
AJ Moshier 37
Colby Reitz 36.5
Bill Woods 35.5
Mason Hill 34.5


Anthony Newcome 39
Sutton Sleezer 35
Garin Conkle 35

Samantha Hughes 35

Doug Hughes 28.5
Bart Ayers 28


Cooper Wildey 42.5
Colby Reitz 41
Hunter Picking 37.5
Cole Veal 36
Hunter Anguiano 34.5

Dalhart Texas-Sept 23-Points are doubled.