2022 King of the Ring Nationals

May 21, 2022

Kansas City, KS

Lakeside Speedway-5615 Wolcott Dr, Kansas City, KS 66109

Limited Weld-$1200 to win

Now open to used and fresh

Blizzard Bash Mods-$1200 to win

Full Size Hobo-$1000 to win

80s and newer Full Size Bonestock-$1000 to win

​Compact Bonestocks-$1000 to win

Payouts based on registrations, guaranteed to win amounts

*Used cars are ok

Motels close to Speedway

Recommended checking near The Legends and Kansas Speedway-Kansas City, Kansas. 

King of the Ring Nationals Registration Form

You are not fully registered until you are paid in full. Once a class is full we will start an alternate list. Registration includes your pit pass.

Either Bonestock class Registration payment-$55

You are not officially registered until you are paid.

If you have questions or problems message us on Facebook or call/text Chad at 785-479-0996.


Problems with Paypal-pay direct at mdi_demo@yahoo.com

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Limited Weld Registration payment-$155